VIDEO | As govt drastically cuts oversight staff, wildfires reach record levels

This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we investigate how staffing cuts at the national environmental enforcement agency, Ibama, have been directly linked to a sharp rise in the number of wildfires in the country. Satellite images from NASA show that more than , and the dire consequences for plants, humans as well as animals continue to pile up.

In our Story of the Week, we take a look at a crisis within a crisis in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo. A record number of evictions, precipitated by the novel coronavirus pandemic is leaving thousands of families homeless and in . We speak to residents who fear loosing their homes in the upcoming months due to unjust predatory policies, in a city where lack of housing is a chronic problem.

In our Culture Talk segment, we analyze the case of Kuikuro people, an ethnicity indigenous to the northernmost part of the Brazilian Amazon, who came up with their own solutions for the coronavirus pandemic. Often ignored by the State, these native communities have been hardly hit by Covid-19, due mainly to a lack of infrastructure, but also to outright discrimination by authorities.

Lastly, we wrap things up with our Brazilianism section, where we play you some local tunes and teach you a delicious local recipe to end things on a delightful note. Enjoy!

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Edited by: Ítalo Piva


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